Free Pronoun Verb Agreement Worksheets

Free Pronoun Verb Agreement Worksheets: A Key to Mastering English Grammar

English is a complex language that requires mastery of many different rules and structures. Among the most important of these is proper agreement between pronouns and verbs. Pronoun verb agreement is a crucial aspect of English grammar as it determines how sentences are structured and the meaning conveyed.

To help you get a better grasp of this essential concept, this article will provide an overview of pronoun verb agreement and offer some free worksheets you can use to practice this important skill.

What is Pronoun Verb Agreement?

Pronoun verb agreement refers to the agreement between the subject (noun) and verb in a sentence. This agreement is essential to ensure that the verb agrees with the subject in both tense and number. When the subject of a sentence is singular, the verb must also be singular, and when the subject is plural, the verb must be plural.

Example 1: The cat (singular subject) is sleeping (singular verb).

Example 2: The cats (plural subject) are sleeping (plural verb).

Pronoun verb agreement can also be more complicated when the subject and verb disagree in terms of gender or when using indefinite pronouns such as “anyone” or “someone”.

Example 1: Everyone (singular indefinite pronoun) needs (singular verb) to bring their (plural pronoun) own food to the picnic.

Example 2: Either the boy (singular subject) or the girls (plural verb) are (plural verb) going to the party.

Why is Pronoun Verb Agreement Important?

Pronoun verb agreement is an essential aspect of English grammar because it determines the clarity and accuracy of a sentence`s meaning. When there is a mismatch between the subject and verb, it can lead to confusion and mistakes in communication, which can be especially detrimental in academic or professional settings.

For example, consider the following sentence with an error in pronoun verb agreement:

“The team of basketball players are not playing well together.”

This sentence implies that each individual player on the team is not playing well, rather than the team as a whole. By correcting the agreement, we get:

“The team of basketball players is not playing well together.”

This sentence now clearly conveys that the team, as a collective unit, is not performing well.

How to Practice Pronoun Verb Agreement?

While pronoun verb agreement may seem daunting at first, it can be easily mastered through consistent practice and repetition. One of the best ways to improve this important skill is through the use of worksheets.

Below are some free worksheets you can use to practice pronoun-verb agreement:

Worksheet 1:

Worksheet 2:

Worksheet 3:

Each worksheet provides various examples of sentences that require the correct matching of the subject and verb. These exercises range from simple to complex, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the concept.


Pronoun verb agreement is a vital aspect of English grammar that requires consistent practice and repetition to master. By using free worksheets and other resources, you can improve your understanding of this concept and communicate more effectively in any setting. With practice, you`ll be able to produce clear, accurate sentences that convey your intended meaning with precision.

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